Does The Mass Of A Mattress Double Every Decade?

 The accumulation of filthy material, such as dust, dust mites,dust, dead skin cells,  perspiration, and so on, may cause a memory foam mattress to double in weight over the course of a decade. Do people tend to believe everything they see in ads, or is there actually any reality to this? But in the actual world, things don’t operate like that at all. Due to the lack of relevant academic sources, this accusation has sparked much debate.

What Causes A Rumor To Begin?

Star Trek actor George Takei, who is also a prominent member of the social media community, posted a link to a trove of shocking “facts” online in the spring of 2015. Picture caption text on the linked page claimed that “accumulation with dust mites but also dust mite droppings’ ‘ causes mattresses to accumulate 10 pounds over a decade. Even though many People on social media heard this for the inaugural time due to the speed with which the false information spread, the concept has been in existence for a long time; articles claiming that the center of gravity of clothes and shoe mattresses double every other decade have been made available online until approximately the year 2000.

Dust mites love the comforts of home, especially plush carpets, upholstered furniture, and duvets. It’s terrifying to think that, over a decade, your mattress will double in weight from the collection of dust mites and their excrement. In light of this proof, even the most skeptical consumer would be convinced to purchase the vacuum. An image emerges from the swarm of bugs, and it’s not a pretty one, “ex-president of the American Academy on Allergy, Tuberculosis, but instead, Ophthalmologist Stephen Wasserman says. Don’t think eliminating them will significantly affect your community if you aren’t allergic to them.

False Information Is Getting Around.

Like many previous “fake news” tales, the mattress story was viewed with suspicion when it appeared in 2000. In most circumstances, the revised material did not go as far as the original, more sensationalized version of the story. A few decades after the WSJ piece was published, Emmett Glass, the University of Johns Hopkins psychologist quoted in it, objected to it, stating, “I never even mentioned that number. When questioned, I said that some retailers use alarming numbers to entice customers to purchase. You mentioned several things I’ve read that have stuck with me over the years. She asked whether there was any scientific backing for these figures, and I informed her that I couldn’t find any. For the ordinary person, that answer is a resounding NO. I proposed that the banking industry journalist speaks with a representative from the International Organisation of Sleep Products for their upcoming mattress-related piece.

An Upgraded Mattress

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